Monday, October 19, 2009

Holiday Baking Classes

Kristin and Dave are back with some great Saturday baking classes to get you geared up and inspired for the holiday baking season. Learn the tricks of the trade to really impress your guests with beautiful and delectable truffles, cookies, plated desserts and more! Every class is hands-on, there will be lots to taste, usually a treat or two to take home and print outs of all the recipes. Sign up now to reserve your space, we are filling up quickly!

Where: All classes will take place at St. Mary's Road United Church at 613 St. Mary's Road.

When: All classes will run on Saturdays either from 10am-12pm or from 1pm-3pm, check each class description for times.

Please bring a change of shoes (they must be closed toe) and and apron.

Payment must be made in advance, please call for information on payment.

Save $5 if you sign up for 2 classes, save $10 if you sign up for 3 or more classes!

For more information or to register please email or call Kristin at 229-5452

Holiday Baking Classes 2009

Truffles and Chocolates for the Holidays - Nov. 7th or Dec. 19th 1pm-3pm $35
Learn the art of making and rolling your own truffles as well as how to make beautiful molded chocolates. Learn tricks to melt chocolate properly, make a perfectly creamy ganache, and learn the differences in working with dark, milk and white chocolate.

Baking Holiday Cookies - Nov. 14th 1pm-3pm $30
Join us and learn some great recipes for festive holiday cookies. There will be a variety of different techniques, lots of great ideas to dress up your cookie tray and unique recipes to add to your collection. We will even go over ideas for packaging the cookies as holiday gifts.

Decorating Holiday Cookies - Nov. 21st 10am-12pm $30
This class is focused on tips, tricks and techniques for decorating your cookies with icing, chocolate and other fun things. You will learn how to make perfect icing for piping, fill your piping bag with no mess and decorate your cookies beautifully! A must for any avid baker.

Holiday Dainties and Squares - Nov. 28th 1pm-3pm $30
Learn how to make easy, delicious and unique holiday inspired sweets to have on hand for guests. Learn how to cut and present your dainties to make them look even more beautiful. Aren't you a little tired of making the same old date squares anyways?

Elegant (and low-stress) Desserts for your Holiday Table - Dec.5th 1pm-3pm $35
Are you afraid to attempt a fancy cheesecake or a mile-high torte for your special holiday dinner just in case it doesn't work? Join us for this class and learn the keys to creating impressive desserts without the headache. We will take you step by step through several delicious recipes show you how to troubleshoot along the way.

Build Your Own Gingerbread House - Dec.12th 1pm-3pm $60 (for 2 people)
Our most successful class ever! Come in and bring a friend (little friends seem to enjoy it the most!) to assemble and decorate a home-made gingerbread house! We will pre-make the gingerbread from an old family recipe and you just come for the fun part. Learn how to put the house together with caramelized sugar and attach as many candies and decorations as you like. The houses will be built on wooden boards for you to take home and enjoy throughout the holiday season.

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